Jij Has Joined The IBM Quantum Network

TOKYO (February 1st 2023) - Jij, a leading enterprise software company for quantum optimization solutions, announced that it has joined the IBM Quantum Network to conduct research and product development using gate-based quantum computers.
JijZept is a cloud platform for quantum and Ising optimization. The company provides an intuitive modeling tool and model transpiler, which transform models and automatically parameter tuning to maximize hardware and solvers performance. In addition, JijZept provides experiment management, and algorithm evaluation functions specific to optimization problems to assist users in their research and development of quantum and optimization algorithms.
JijZept will also release a hybrid solver. Its hybrid solver leverages IBM Qiskit Runtime, IBM’s quantum computing service and programming model for building, optimizing, and executing workloads at scale using the open-source Qiskit SDK, to help solve users’ challenging problems by running quantum algorithms as part of a conventional mathematical optimization algorithm flow.
“We use IBM Quantum technologies to enhance our users’ development experience. We are excited to provide the users with new ways to develop quantum and optimization software using these capabilities.” Yu Yamashiro, co-founder, and CEO of Jij Inc.