Algorithm Engineer Wei-hao Huang

This article is an interview with Mr. Wei-hao Huang, the algorithm engineer at Jij Inc.

Why I have decided to join Jij

I joined the Jij company mainly because of the growth potential. When I first heard about the quantum research field in my sophomore year, I thought, "I want to work in this field in the future.” After joining the Quantum Science Lab and completing my master's degree this year, I began searching for job opportunities in the quantum field but realized that there were few options available in Taiwan. This led me to search for opportunities overseas, which is how I found Jij company!
Seeing the company's eagerness to solve industry computational challenging problems made the connection between the quantum field and the industry more tangible. It made me want to join them in tackling these difficulties if I had the chance. I was inspired by their ambition to take on these challenges.
I chose a Japanese company because I saw the potential for research and application of quantum technology in Japan. In addition, the government's support for start-ups and other programs was also attractive to me.
I could have worked remotely from Taiwan, but I chose to relocate to Japan because I wanted to work as face-to-face as possible and have the nuances of my work communicated to me.

Role and responsibility and motivation

I am a member of the R&D team at a company, where I am responsible for researching and implementing algorithms for various projects, including those with quantum hardware companies. Since joining the company, my seniors have been very helpful and have provided valuable suggestions or feedback on the projects I am working on at this stage.
Therefore, this has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the projects and has motivated me to study more extensively in the field of physics. The company encourages open communication, so I can easily ask questions and raise concerns through Slack, huddles, and daily meetings to ensure that they are addressed quickly.
The company has also provided me with valuable resources, such as high-performance graphics cards, allowing me to work with high-speed computing. I am currently learning to use these resources effectively, hoping to integrate what I have learned more closely.

My challenge in Jij.

The ultimate goal is to apply quantum technology to benefit society. In this new wave of industry, It is hard to predict how quantum computers will evolve. Still, it seems to me that the main challenge remains the same: bringing the benefits of the quantum field to society and improving people's lives. This goal drives my motivation to stay informed about new developments in the field and think about how to apply them to our goals.
Therefore, I am willing to learn more about quantum science.
To achieve this goal, Jij started by addressing the industry's computational hard challenges, and I would like to be part of this effort by using my knowledge of quantum to help solve these problems.

Message to future staff

One of the most important features of Jij inc. is the strong sense of community and collaboration among employees, which allows for sharing of ideas and mutual influence. The company provides a good opportunity and environment for researching, allowing new members to keep up with the company's progress while using their strengths. Jij is a unique company that offers the opportunity to be involved in social implementation and research.
For those who are hesitant, if you want to use your expertise in solving industrial problems, or if you are highly interested in using quantum theory to solve problems, don't hesitate. Here is a good environment for you.