[Interview]Algorithm Engineer Wei-hao Huang

How have your roles, duties, and satisfaction changed over the past year or more since you joined Jij?

After a year with Jij, I've been a part of significant changes. I had the chance to collaborate on a project with a vehicular semiconductor development company. In addition, I took on a main development role in a NEDO Project, utilizing GPUs as annealing solvers, a challenging task that spanned around three months.
Subsequently, I redirected my focus back to quantum computing research. Initially, I explored current trends in quantum algorithms. Later on, the research team and I made some progress on a hybrid algorithm, combining both quantum and classical techniques. We then attended a recent international conference, IEEE QCE 2023, and presented our results. Additionally, I started to take part in a development task, which has been both interesting and engaging. I believe that actively presenting at such international conferences is crucial for enhancing Jij's visibility in the industry.
Reflecting on my inaugural year at the company, I've come to realize that there's still so much to learn and accomplish. Nevertheless, when faced with difficulties, I'm confident in confronting the unknown and relentlessly seeking solutions.

What are your new goals and challenges?

I think the new challenge is swiftly acquiring knowledge in previously unexplored fields, combining it with my past experiences, and proposing appropriate, innovative solutions. This rapid adaptation and interdisciplinary approach is not just a necessity but also an adventure in continuous learning and problem-solving.
Moreover, my latest goal was inspired by my participation in international conferences. Engaging with many individuals whom I had previously known only from their research papers was exhilarating. These interactions have stirred my ambition to present even more creative ideas at future conferences.
In this journey, bridging the gap between different realms of knowledge and improving collaborative solutions will be key.

Please tell us again about Jij's characteristics and corporate culture.

As Jij's team grows, it's worth noting that many of our colleagues work remotely, not just within our home country, but also internationally. This dynamic has placed increasing importance on fluid communication, especially considering the diverse time zones, languages, and locations of our team members.
One of the tools that greatly facilitates our communication is Slack. Whenever someone posts an update or shares an idea, these posts allow team members to stay updated on what others are working on. This transparency not only leads to a better understanding among team members but also provides a broader perspective, enabling us to spot challenges or solutions that might have been missed initially.
Furthermore, we use Notion for documentation. Writing a note allows members to reorganize their thoughts regarding a particular research topic or its specific facets. More than just a personal exercise, these notes enable rapid sharing of ideas, allowing others to grasp the subject quickly. It's also an excellent practice for clarity and precision.
In short, the culture at Jij emphasizes transparent communication, collaborative effort, and continuous learning. These values help maintain cohesion and unity, especially as our team becomes more geographically dispersed.

What are your interests outside of work and how do you spend your days off?

After relocating to Japan, I spent some time on language studies, achieving the N2 proficiency level by the end of last year. Outside of this, photography has become my hobby. I frequently visit picturesque spots and cafes during weekends, capturing Tokyo's unique urban beauty.
Additionally, my love for gourmet experiences often leads me to queue up at famous restaurants.  Tokyo is filled with unassuming stores that serve exceptionally delicious dishes. I love the unique dishes and the special vibe these places offer.
The link below is a travel report podcast from our attendance at IEEE QCE 2023. Please give it a listen!

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