Oral and Poster presentation in Adiabatic quantum computing 2022

Our CTO, Dr. Nishimura, and a research developer, Mr. Goto, will give oral and poster presentations at the Adiabatic Quantum Computing Conference ("AQC"), a world-class international conference on quantum annealing, to be held in Italy from June 20, 2022 (local time) for five days.
On June 21 (local time), CTO Nishimura will present the title "Estimation of hyperparameters on Ising model with constraint." We often use the Lagrangian relaxation in quantum annealing to convert to the Ising model from a constrained optimization problem. He will present a method for adjusting the weights of the penalty terms necessary for this purpose. This algorithm is a step toward eliminating the obstacle of parameter tuning for the social implementation of quantum annealing. You can try this algorithm in JijZept, our cloud service for quantum optimization technology.
On June 22, Mr. Goto will give a poster presentation titled "Benchmarking anneal offset adjustment in graph coloring problem." He will present experimental results showing a new usage of the anneal offset function available in the latest D-Wave and the possibility of extracting performance from quantum annealing. The experimental results are expected to serve as a new algorithm using current hardware capabilities and contribute to the performance improvements that are essential for the social implementation of quantum annealing.