Post-Event Report | Q2B 2022 Silicon Valley, the Biggest Event in Quantum Computing

"Q2B 2022 Silicon Valley (Q2B22SV)," one of the biggest events in Quantum Computing in the world was held in Silicon Valley, U.S., from December 6 to 8, 2022 (local time) and Yu Yamashiro, CEO and Hiro Nakata, Head of Business from Jij, participated in the event.

What is “Q2B”?

Q2B is one of the world's biggest business conferences in the Quantum Computing industry for Tech companies, End-user companies, Startups, Consulting firms, Government related organizations, Industry related associations, Universities, Venture capitalists, and Research institutes. QC Ware has been planning and organizing this event since 2017.
It is unique in that attendees are from not only the United States but also worldwide. It was originally held in the U.S. but the conference was held in Tokyo in July 2022 and will be held in Paris in March 2023.
Q2B features sessions that focus on not only business-related content but also each company's technology.

Overview of Q2B 2022 Silicon Valley

It was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the Santa Clara of San Jose, the central city in the Silicon Valley region of California, USA, from December 6 to 8 2022 (local time).
Since 2017, Q2B has been held a total of seven times, four times in Silicon Valley, one time virtually due to COVID-19, and once in Tokyo. The number of participating companies and attendees continues to grow each year, and this Q2B was attended by several hundred people.
Below is a list of one of the speakers.
The following is a brief classification of the contents:
  • Product development and research results by technology providers
  • Implementation results by end-users
  • Ecosystems led by government agencies, industry associations, etc.
  • Macro-environmental analysis, market size, and future prospects by consulting firms, etc.
  • The trend of investment in 2023 by venture capitalists
For more information on the agenda and speakers, please refer to the Q2B event page.
Content explained by the speakers will be uploaded on Youtube later. For your reference, you can find YouTube videos of past content, for example, Jij’s content by Yu Yamashiro, held in Tokyo in July 2022. We wanna share more detail about Q2B22SV in this note but please wait for YouTube video to be uploaded.

Jij’s Activities

Richard Moulds, General Manager of the Amazon Braket team at AWS, referred us to his presentation.
Jij is facilitating initiatives with several partners and is preparing for releases about our collaboration. We are excited to share them with you and continue growing this quantum community and the quantum industry.