Jij Inc.



PcC&Consulting Services

We are developing quantum annealing and mathematical optimization with partners in a wide range of fields, including infrastructure (logistics, electricity, gas, telecommunications, etc.), personnel allocation, and materials development.
We support our partners in translating their business problems into optimization problems, formulating and implementing them.
Issues Discussion
  • Examination and discussion of issues
  • Discussion of approach
  • Agreement on project policy
Contracting Procedures
  • Finalize scope of work and man-hour estimates
  • Prepare a written estimate
  • Prepare and sign a contract
Project Implementation
  • Hearing on Business Issues
  • Hearing of technical issues
  • Hypothesis development
  • Mathematical Model Building
  • Transformation of mathematical models and execution of calculations
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Conducting regular meetings
  • Preparation of reports


JijZept is the only cloud service in the world that allows you to build and implement mathematical models in a concise manner.